Point Cloud & Imagery Delivery

FARO Scene LT & FARO Scout

Faro Scene LT and Faro Scout are free viewers that allow the client to view the imagery and point cloud.  The end user can add notes to the image, measure distances and basically have a 360° view from every scan setup.  The free viewers are useful to the user for verifying site conditions and navigating a point cloud and/or 3D model.

FARO WebShare

Webshare offers the same benefits of Faro LT or Faro Scene, except it’s through the web and hosted at SurvTech’s office.  The benefit to Webshare is the fact that everything is hosted at SurvTech’s office.  Our client’s don’t need to install any software.  All they need is an internet connection.  All of their data is password protected and available only to them.

Point Cloud Export

SurvTech has the ability to deliver the point cloud data in a multitude of formats.

  • .pts
  • .ptx
  • .xyz
  • .txt (ASCII format)
  • .coe
  • .pcg (Autodesk based format for AutoCAD and Revit)