Point Cloud & Imagery Acquisition

XYZ Points

The most widely known product of laser scanning is the x,y,z points also known as the point cloud.  For any of you that have forgotten high school math, x,y,z is nothing more than the mathematical 3 dimensional (3D) coordinate system, where x and y define the horizontal plane and z defines the vertical plane.  The problem with point clouds is that up until the last couple years, only the software that scanning companies owned could use them.  They were much too large to import into standard CAD programs.  Recently that has somewhat changed, but large clouds are still very unusable to the client.  At SurvTech, if a client requests delivery of the cloud, we will slice the cloud (x,y,z points) into manageable sizes that allow them to view in their CAD software.

Color Imagery

Large Dig Site Elevation Map Mesh

Large Dig Site Elevation Map Mesh

A byproduct of many of the laser scanners in use today is the 360° high definition imagery.  The imagery can be draped over the point cloud to colorize the cloud.  The best use of the imagery is for the benefit of the client, allowing them to relate the point cloud or model to the real world.  The client can view the imagery and compare it to the point cloud and model in real time, looking for clarification of a point cloud or model.  The high definition imagery also memorializes the site in time.  A client can go back to the cloud and imagery years after the fact to see the conditions at the time of the scan.  The only down side to the color imagery is that it takes 2-3 minutes per scan.

Black & White Imagery

Black and white imagery is an alternative to color imagery when time is of the essence.  There is no additional time required for black and white imagery and it shows the same level of detail, just without the color.

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