Archaeology: 3D Laser Scanning & Point Cloud Technology

The nature of scanning lends itself to archeological digs. The point cloud and high definition imagery memorializes the archeological dig site at that point in time. It’s a catalog of where artifacts were found and located.

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Archeological Dig Laser Scanning & 3D Modeling BenefitsArcheology

  • Reconstruction of Delicate or sensitive areas
  • Allows creation of non-intrusive observations
  • Recreation of areas and items in a real time 3-D model
  • Cataloging and examination of actual items in 3-D environment
  • Create permanent and viewable contextual mapping, allowing for closer non destructive examination of items and spatial relation without disturbing sensitive items
  • Creating a viewable 3-D map of an area, particular useful in sensitive or remote locations where time and cataloging are of the essence.