SurvTech Solutions is a full service surveying and mapping firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida.  Since our inception, SurvTech has provided land surveying, hydrographic surveying, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and 3D high definition laser scanning services for federal, state and local governments; engineers, architects, scientists and attorneys; and  private industry, with a concentration in the petroleum and mining industries.  SurvTech is licensed to perform surveying  and mapping throughout the Southeastern US (FL, GA, SC, NC, KY, AL, LA, MS, TN & TX).

SurvTech Mission

SurvTech SolutionsSurvTech was founded on the premise that a surveying and mapping company could operate in a manner that consistently creates win/win situations for all the stakeholders, not just the owners.  Stakeholders were defined as clients, employees, vendors, owners and the local community.  The company operates in fulfillment of the following mission statement:

“To make a difference in the lives of our employees, who, in return, will make the difference for our clients.”

Based on this mission, we have devoted ourselves to hiring individuals demonstrating high potential.  By doing so we have built this company around quality individuals who understand they are vital members of our team, and not just employees.  At SurvTech, our top priority is to provide the highest quality surveying possible, perform it in a timely manner, and at an equitable cost.  This three-fold strategy has allowed SurvTech to develop rapidly into a premier surveying and mapping company without sacrificing the quality our clients deserve.

SurvTech takes a common sense approach to surveying, blending “old school” methods with the latest advances in surveying technology.  SurvTech’s quality focus, financial stability and can-do attitude are direct results of the firm’s core values, which guide us in every client engagement. These core values are:

  • The well being of our employees.
  • The integrity of our company.
  • The caliber of our work.
  • The passion for knowledge.
  • The commitment to technology.
  • The interests of our clientele.  

Our quality focus flows from these values, instilled in the employees endeavoring to live these values on a daily basis.  SurvTech Solutions, Inc. is a company with a single focus: delivering the world to our client’s desktop in 3D.  We strive to map existing site conditions, whether those conditions are above ground, below ground, under water or inside a structure.  At SurvTech we don’t believe in delivering data and walking away.  We believe in supplying our clients with data in the format that is efficient for them to work with, which is unique to almost every client.  SurvTech does not pursue projects, we build relationships.