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Case Study: Tank Deformation

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This 3D Laser Scan of a Tank Accurately Documents the Degree of Deformation

Survtech was hired to scan a 300k gallon petroleum tank that had experienced a release valve failure, which in turn caused structural failure. The damage occurred when the tank was being emptied, and the release valve failed to open. Resulting in a vacuum in the tank which crumpled inward from the pressure, creating several large dents. The client needed to know if the tank was salvageable or if they needed to replace the entire tank. Survtech was responsible for scanning the tank, and creating a 3 dimensional nurbs surface of the tank. This data was then imported into a Finite Analysis program to determine the extent of damage.

Case Study Details


Project Name: Tank Deformation

Project Goal: 

Create an accurate 3D model of a damaged 300k gallon petroleum tank to perform a Finite analysis to dentine if it was salvageable or if needed to be completely replaced

Tasks Performed:

  • Laser Scanning
  • Nurbs Surface Creation